23 Top WordPress Newspaper Themes 2024

Revolutionize your news website with unparalleled impact using these dynamic WordPress newspaper themes. This curated collection stands as a testament to exhaustive market research and rigorous theme testing, where over 50 contenders were meticulously evaluated to bring you the crème de la crème.

Best WordPress Newspaper Themes

1. Newspaper

newspaper wordpress theme

Elevate Your Online Presence

Welcome to Newspaper, the quintessential WordPress theme for building a robust news platform. With features like front-end editing, drag-and-drop functionality, and rapid page loading, Newspaper sets the stage for a seamless online journey.

Diverse ready-made demos cater to newspapers, online magazines, and blogs, offering an expansive array of layouts and components. The beauty lies in its accessibility – even without coding skills, you can establish a modern newspaper website. The SEO-friendly nature, coupled with premium plugins, ensures optimal performance across all devices and browsers.


2. Gillion (Trending Excellence)

Gillion wordpress news themes

Magazine Mastery

Gillion, a trending item in the WordPress theme, specializes in magazines, publishing, and writing. It entices users with multiple demos showcasing various column arrangements, along with stellar bookmarking systems and unique blog features.

Employing WPBakery as its primary page builder, Gillion incorporates advanced SEO techniques. With comprehensive documentation and a responsive support team. Gillion is a user-friendly choice. Unleash its potential through the live customizer for real-time modifications and let Gillion captivate your audience.


3. Zeen

zeen news wordpress theme

Effortless Elegance

Zeen stands out as the epitome of an ideal newspaper WordPress theme, simplifying your journey with a single powerful tool. Quick and easy demo installations kickstart your customization journey without the need for coding skills.

Prioritizing speed, Zeen ensures extreme page loading efficiency on both mobile and desktop platforms, offering an unparalleled reading and viewing experience. Beyond news, Zeen integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, allowing you to transform your site into an online store effortlessly.


4. Soledad

Soledad wordpress newspaper themes

Innovation Redefined

Soledad, an innovative WordPress theme, pledges to elevate every facet of your newspaper website. Its popularity in the market stems from its commitment to delivering quality and variety. The plethora of customization options empowers you to craft an exemplary newspaper platform.

Boasting thousands of slider and layout combinations, Soledad maintains accessibility and simplicity during installation. For those venturing into merchandise sales, the theme supports WooCommerce, solidifying its status as a significant player in the WordPress theme arena.


5. MagPlus

MagPlus newspaper theme

Powerhouse of News and Publicity

MagPlus, a dedicated responsive WordPress theme for news and publicity, emerges as a professional instrument focused on mass communication and sales. Featuring 40+ demos. MagPlus incorporates Google AMP for smooth performance and Google AdSense for effective publicity.

Multilingual translation facilitates international reader engagement, while WooCommerce and contact forms streamline business operations. MagPlus spoils users with powerful icons, portfolios, and widgets, providing an all-encompassing solution for daily challenges. Explore the prowess of MagPlus and revolutionize your news website.


6. GoodLife


Simplified Excellence for News Websites

GoodLife emerges as a Metaverse WordPress theme, streamlining the web development process for news websites. Its versatility knows no bounds, adapting seamlessly to any niche. With multiple pre-designed demos available for instant import, GoodLife stands as a reliable ally for all your website needs.

At the core of your newspaper website, GoodLife places a strong emphasis on articles while offering the flexibility to incorporate stunning galleries and video pages. The theme simplifies page construction, making it user-friendly even for beginners. The integration of the WPBakery plugin, utilizing drag-and-drop technology, transforms a once complicated process into a pleasurable experience. Explore its live preview feature and take the leap towards a captivating online presence!


7. SmartMag

SmartMag best wordpress news themes

Elegance and Efficiency Unleashed

SmartMag, a clever and responsive WordPress magazine multipurpose theme, empowers webmasters to create eloquent magazines and blogs effortlessly. The inclusion of a drag-and-drop page builder eliminates the need for coding, ensuring a seamless layout customization experience.

Positioned as a modern solution for mass communication. SmartMag offers enticing slideshows, carousels, and multi-page navigation to maximize ad revenue. Optimized for SEO, SmartMag not only drives traffic but also facilitates viral content sharing through social media channels. Dive into the world of SmartMag today and let your voice be heard!


8. The Voux

the voux - fashion blogging theme
the voux - fashion blogging theme

Versatility Redefined for Magazine Themes

For a versatile magazine WordPress theme, look no further than The Voux. Boasting user-friendly headers and powerful mega menus, this theme elevates your website’s aesthetics. Admins can leverage sub-categories, tags, and categories as sources, while gorgeous full-screen galleries showcase content elegantly.

The responsive layout ensures a smooth device experience, and the WPBakery plugin allows meticulous styling and personalization of each element. In the competitive online landscape, The Voux stands out by harnessing the massive potential of social networks. With WPML multilingual plugin support, it’s your ticket to going global effortlessly.


9. Jannah

Jannah wordpress newspaper theme

Flexibility and Performance in a Theme

Jannah, a versatile newspaper, magazine, and news WordPress theme, covers a spectrum of formats. Its compatibility with AMP ensures mobile-optimized content, boasting an impressive page speed score of 98%.

Easy customizations set Jannah apart, making it ideal for those aiming to stand out. WooCommerce integration, pre-defined ad spaces, and compatibility with industry-standard tools like MailChimp and Feedburner enhance its functionality. Create a community with BuddyPress and add notifications to your menu – Jannah is the epitome of a powerful, fast, and user-friendly theme.


10. PenNews

PenNews wordpress newspaper themes

Sleek Power for News & Magazines

PenNews stands as a powerful, sleek, and responsive WordPress news & magazine website theme, equipped with everything a modern news website needs to make a mark.

Utilizing WPBakery, design page layouts effortlessly without coding. Showcase your stories with unique, custom post styles, integrate galleries and portfolios seamlessly. With features like Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. PenNews keeps server costs low while ensuring your news trends on social media. Monetize your traffic with custom sharing counters and in-feed ads – PenNews is your ticket to competing with the big names in the industry.


11. ZoxPress

zoxpress wordpress newspaper theme

Endless Possibilities for News Portals

ZoxPress offers a selection of 15 demos and over 100 layout combinations, making it a breeze to build an A-grade newspaper website. Compatible with all mobile devices, ZoxPress leaves no room for compromise.

With features galore, including translation capabilities and bbPress forum integration. ZoxPress is a comprehensive solution for news portals. Expand effortlessly with an eCommerce section, and witness your news portal flourish.


12. NewStar

newstar wordpress newspaper theme

Flexibility Redefined for Newspaper Themes

NewStar, a super-flexible WordPress newspaper theme, delivers 20+ unique demos out of the box, ready to use or customize further. Creating astonishing and personal layouts doesn’t require coding skills, making it accessible to all.

Diverse headers and footers, sticky menus, boxed and wide blog layouts – NewStar offers it all. With one-click demo import, AMP support, WPML compatibility, and fast loading speeds, NewStar ticks all the essential boxes for a successful newspaper website.


13. TheGem

TheGem - fastest newspaper WordPress theme

Your All-in-One Solution

TheGem eliminates the need to search further for the best WordPress newspaper theme. Offering multiple ready-made samples, it provides a quick start to your project, allowing you to bring a modern and creative newspaper website to life effortlessly.

With zero coding required, TheGem incorporates a convenient drag-and-drop page builder, enabling everyone to modify default settings. Say goodbye to hassle and embark on a successful online news project, whether niche or general, with TheGem.


14. Compass


Bold and Beautiful Multipurpose Excellence

Compass stands out as a bold and beautiful WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, ideal for designing online magazines, webzines, and similar projects. Tailored for distributing visual and information-heavy content across diverse devices, browsers, and platforms, Compass is the go-to theme for those aiming for excellence.

Enjoy the seamless blend of bold aesthetics and practical functionality with Compass, making it a standout choice for your online publication needs.


15. The Issue

The Issue wordpress news themes

Versatility Redefined for Online Projects

The Issue stands out as a super-flexible WordPress newspaper theme tailored for diverse online projects. With 19 pre-defined demos ready to use, you can create news pages covering food, travel, music, lifestyle, personal, fashion, and more effortlessly.

But The Issue doesn’t stop there; it offers endless style possibilities without delving into code. Modify and adjust default settings, including nine article details, ten headers, two review styles, two mega menus, and cool smart lists for images. Make a powerful entrance onto the web with The Issue, leaving a lasting impression.


16. Newsmag


Elegance in Writing and Publishing

Newsmag is a fantastic WordPress theme designed for seamless article and blog post creation and publication. Its strengths lie in flexibility, performance, elegant design, unique demos, integrated translations, and an intelligent ads system. Google Structured Data Testing Tools give it the green light for SEO, reflecting the seriousness with which TagDiv addresses SEO matters.

Newsmag is Google AdSense ready, supporting responsive and mobile-friendly ads effortlessly. With additional features like custom-made gallery, smart list, video playlist, and text format settings, Newsmag aims to elevate your content creation and delivery. Take your project to the next level with Newsmag.


17. Ceris

ceris wordpress newspaper theme

Creative Freedom for Newspaper Excellence

Ceris, a great WordPress theme for newspaper websites, offers an array of ready-to-use demos that work flawlessly out of the box. Beyond that, Ceris provides complete creative freedom for customizing its samples.

Whether you aim for a niche or a broad audience, Ceris effortlessly handles it all. Unique features like AMP support, infinite scrolling, emoji reactions, GDPR compliance, and a choice of 20+ headers enhance the appeal of your news site. Explore the goodness of Ceris and watch your news site flourish.


18. Newsblock

newsblock wordpress newspaper theme

Minimalistic Excellence in News Themes

With a clean look, Newsblock emerges as a minimalistic WordPress newspaper theme designed to make you stand out effortlessly. Offering a choice between nine demos that you can further customize, Newsblock adds just the right special features to spice things up.

One notable characteristic is the dark mode toggle, allowing users to switch between night and day mode with a single click. Additional goodies include custom widgets and blocks, lazy loading, Instagram integration, and newsletter subscriptions. Newsblock takes care of everything, ensuring a smoother building experience.


19. Vinkmag

vinkmag wordpress newspaper theme

Powerful Flexibility for News Portals

Vinkmag stands as a powerful and flexible WordPress newspaper theme with an impressive selection of pre-defined demos. Choose between dark and light modes and explore niche designs that cater to your needs seamlessly.

Take customization to the next level by leveraging the Elementor page builder. Vinkmag encompasses customizable width, reading progress bar, editable headers and footers, post slider, WooCommerce compatibility, and easy monetization, ensuring it takes care of every aspect and more. Discover the endless possibilities with Vinkmag.


20. Digiqole

digiqole wordpress newspaper theme

Creativity Unleashed for Online Ventures

Digiqole defines itself with creativity and modernism, offering users everything needed to embark on a new online project. The bundle of goodness is vast, eliminating the need for anything beyond the page layouts and features that Digiqole brings to the table.

Various ready-made homepages are set for you to practice, eliminating the need to start from scratch. Editing and modifying are simplified through a straightforward drag-and-drop method, making Digiqole an ideal choice for those seeking a hassle-free online venture.


21. Disto

disto wordpress newspaper theme

Spectacular Options for News Themes

Disto emerges as another spectacular WordPress newspaper theme alternative, providing an immediate difference with any of its 17+ samples. Kick off your online magazine or newspaper project with the right look, ready to use or further customize.

The extensive list of features, including AMP support, Gutenberg block builder, and compatibility with popular plugins, positions Disto as an exceptional choice. Tons of widgets, sliders, carousels, a dark look, RTL compatibility, and social sharing functions are just a glimpse of what Disto brings to the table.


22. Paperio

Paperio newspaper theme

Minimalistic Multi-Purpose Excellence

Paperio, a minimalistic, multi-purpose WordPress theme, offers seven pre-built demos catering to different purposes. With WPML and POT files for easy translations, Paperio prioritizes speed and SEO optimization for user satisfaction.

Utilizing the powerful mega menu for excellent navigation, Paperio provides customization elements for layout design, including skins, listing pages, and headers. Contact Form 7 compatibility, personal login account setup with MailChimp, and responsive layout customization make Paperio a versatile and enjoyable theme to explore.


23. The Fox


Clever Innovation for Commentary Magazines

The Fox stands as a clever and innovative WordPress theme tailored for commentary magazines. Equipped with the impressively flexible WordPress Live Customizer, it boasts over 1,000 configurable choices to upgrade every aspect of your online magazine.

Meeting branding or corporate identity requirements becomes quick and easy with The Fox. A committed 5-star review support team is ready to address any doubts, ensuring a delightful experience as you explore the vast possibilities that The Fox brings to your online magazine.


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