10 Best VueJS Admin Templates 2024

VueJS and other JavaScript frontend frameworks are revolutionizing the digital landscape. In light of this, we bring you a curated selection of the finest VueJS admin templates tailored for your Software as a Service (SaaS) needs.

Developing applications is no small feat. Beyond robust functionality, ensuring exceptional user interfaces is paramount. As you embark on crafting your web applications, equipping yourself with tools that enhance both functionality and user experience becomes imperative.

This is where frameworks step in as invaluable assets.

Frameworks expedite application development while ensuring efficiency and intelligence. Today, the web offers an array of robust, pragmatic, and innovative frameworks, among which VueJS shines. VueJS stands out as a premier JavaScript framework, lauded for its simplicity and clarity. To assist you in selecting the most fitting website template for your web application, we’ve curated this collection of exceptional VueJS admin templates. Each template is crafted with cutting-edge tools and adheres to best practices, promising stunning dashboards.

Dashboards serve as the cornerstone of web applications, offering invaluable insights into performance metrics. Building your dashboard using VueJS is not only seamless but also offers simplicity, usability, and adaptability.

Many seasoned developers gravitate towards VueJS due to its user-friendly nature, making it a preferred choice over bulkier frameworks like React.js, Angular.js, and Ember.js, especially in terms of file size.

Prioritize monitoring the key performance indicators of your applications over aesthetics. Without further ado, explore our top picks of VueJS admin templates to jumpstart your web applications with innovation.

Best VueJS Admin Templates

1. ArchitectUI

Vude admin dashboard templates

ArchitectUI emerges as a frontrunner in the realm of real-time update requirements for applications. Boasting seamless creation of Single Page Applications (SPAs), ArchitectUI, a Vue.js Bootstrap 5 admin UI dashboard template, flaunts a sleek, contemporary, and responsive design. This meticulously crafted website template offers a repertoire of 9 distinct dashboard designs, 50 handpicked Vue widgets, and over 150 components. ArchitectUI empowers applications with a fluid admin dashboard experience, thanks to its array of invaluable components. With multiple layouts, 5 icon packs, 10 card styles, and 9 color schemes. ArchitectUI promises to expedite the creation of a unique admin dashboard effortlessly. Its versatile applications span Mailbox, Chat, and FAQ Section functionalities.

2. Metronic

Metronics - Laravel website template

Metronic stands tall as a robust Vue.js admin template, meticulously designed to cater to the needs of modern, powerful web applications. Tailored to harness Vue.js’s full potential. Metronic equips developers with a comprehensive suite of tools and components, streamlining the creation of intuitive and responsive admin panels and dashboards. Key Vue.js features of Metronic include seamless Vue CLI integration, reactive data binding, Vuex state management, Vue Router support, and optimization for performance. Metronic’s component-based architecture ensures code reusability and maintainability, while customizable themes cater to diverse project requirements. Comprehensive documentation and dedicated support further enhance the development experience, making Metronic an ideal choice for projects of varying complexities.

3. Piaf VueJS

Piaf VueJS

VueJS’s versatility makes it a preferred choice for projects ranging from simple to complex applications. Piaf VueJS, an admin template harnessing the power of Vue, Bootstrap Vue, Vue CLI, Vuex, Firebase, SASS, and Webpack, epitomizes a blend of exquisite design and robust code. With a plethora of color schemes, components, and applications. Piaf VueJS offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality, making it a compelling choice for your next project.

4. Sofbox

sofbox vuejs admin template

Sofbox emerges as a potent admin template available in multiple versions, including VueJS. With twelve diverse demos catering to various needs and styles. Sofbox promises a seamless experience for users. Offering light, dark, and soft styles, along with an array of features such as internal pages, charts, animations, and contact forms. Sofbox presents a comprehensive solution for diverse project requirements.

5. XRay

xray vuejs admin template

Targeting the medical industry, XRay stands out as a niche VueJS admin template, boasting a rich collection of features tailored to specific needs. With five visually stunning demos. XRay offers a host of features including Wow animations, AmCharts, Slick slider, and responsive layouts, ensuring compatibility across different devices and browsers.

6. OneUI

oneui vuejs admin template

OneUI offers a robust foundation for creating admin dashboards across various domains, be it website back-ends, applications, or content management systems. With features like Sass, clean code, numerous plugins, layouts, and blocks. OneUI empowers developers to craft tailored solutions effortlessly.

7. Vuely


Vuely, leveraging VueJS 2 and VuetifyJs, presents a compelling choice for admin dashboards. With six diverse demos, 200+ UI elements, 78+ custom widgets, and 1500+ font icons. Vuely offers unmatched versatility and functionality, catering to diverse project requirements with ease.

8. Adminify


Adminify, a VueJS Bootstrap 4 Admin Template, offers a stunning design coupled with hassle-free development experience. With two admin dashboards, 500+ UI elements, 15+ widgets, and customizable layouts and fonts. Adminify empowers developers to create tailored solutions effortlessly.

9. MaterialPro

materialpro vuejs admin template

MaterialPro emerges as a powerful VueJS admin template, offering six dashboards, four demos, and a vast collection of predefined pages, UI elements, and components. With its comprehensive feature set and responsive layout. MaterialPro provides a solid foundation for creating sophisticated admin panels effortlessly.

10. Skote

skote vuejs admin template

Skote offers an impressive array of features, including multiple layout styles, dark and light modes, and support for LTR and RTL languages. With its responsive layout and lifetime free updates. Skote promises a seamless experience for developers, enabling them to kickstart their applications with ease.


In conclusion, the landscape of web development continues to evolve, with VueJS emerging as a frontrunner in empowering developers to create robust and intuitive applications. The curated selection of VueJS admin templates presented here showcases the versatility, functionality, and innovation that VueJS brings to the table. Whether you’re embarking on a new project or seeking to enhance an existing one, these VueJS admin templates offer a solid foundation to streamline development and deliver exceptional user experiences. With their plethora of features, customizable options, and responsive designs. VueJS admin templates are poised to revolutionize the way we build web applications. Explore the possibilities today and unlock the full potential of VueJS Admin Template.

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