19 Best Photography Website Designs 2024

In the dynamic world of photography, a captivating online presence is crucial for businesses seeking to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting, digital marketing is an indispensable tool to elevate your business. Explore the following selection of top-tier photography website designs across various platforms, from user-friendly builders like Wix to custom creations powered by Vue.js and Netlify. Let these examples inspire and guide you to surpass your clients’ expectations and enhance your online portfolio.

Best Photography Website Examples

1. Foundamour

Foundamour photography website

Maximize your business impact by integrating digital marketing strategies into your photography endeavors. Foundamour, a high-end wedding design and planning agency in Montreal, sets the bar high with its impressive website design. The unique and asymmetrical layout, coupled with a sticky sidebar menu and creative scrolling animations, makes navigation both straightforward and enjoyable.

2. Agatha Photography

Agatha Photography photography websites

For those aspiring to grow their photography business, Agatha Photography in London offers a glimpse into the world of luxury family photography. The full-screen layout, monochrome welcome photo, and well-organized content, including video integration and off-canvas menu, make this website a standout example. The easily accessible galleries showcase the brand’s commitment to artistic imagery.

3. Clement Merouani

Clement Merouani photography portfolio

Photography’s power lies in quality visuals, and Clement Merouani, an art director & photographer, exemplifies this with an outstanding website design. The elegant and minimalist fullscreen layout, featuring a black background and a slider for image display, creates a visually stunning experience enhanced by subtle animations upon scrolling.

4. Dennis Berti

Dennis Berti best website for photographers

Distinguish your photography business with a remarkable design, drawing inspiration from Dennis Berti’s website. The comprehensive homepage layout, featuring a fullscreen display, well-organized elements like logo, tagline, and off-canvas menu, along with graceful GSAP integration, contributes to a visually appealing and immersive user experience.

5. Ruud Luijten

Ruud Luijten photography portfolio websites

In the modern era, an online presence is indispensable for any brand. Ruud Luijten, a self-driven outdoor, travel & adventure photographer based in New York Antwerp, opts for a simple yet effective website design. The asymmetrical layout, abundant white space, and captivating photos define the homepage, providing an excellent showcase for the photographer’s work.

6. Nordica Photography

Nordica Photography

Photography remains timeless, especially in the realm of promotions and marketing. Nordica Photography, a destination wedding photographer, boasts a remarkable website design. The hero header, with a stunning wedding-related photo and video integration, coupled with an intriguing masonry layout for wedding stories, creates an engaging and visually appealing online presence.

7. 94 Photography

94 Photography

Success in business hinges on a seamless website with quality photos. 94 Photography, specializing in makeup and skincare models in New York, excels in both photography and website design. The hero header, featuring a slider of magnificent photos, and a user-friendly masonry layout provide easy access to the photographer’s impressive portfolio.

8. Daphne Launay

Daphne Launay

In the competitive realm of photography, a compelling first impression is vital. Daphne Launay, an art director, photographer, and video maker based in Paris, achieves this with an impressive website design. The fullscreen homepage photo, smooth GSAP animations, and a captivating slider showcasing various works contribute to an elegant and sophisticated overall design.

9. Mario Dragicevic

Mario Dragicevic

For photographers without a website, opportunities may be missed, but it’s never too late to establish a compelling online presence. Mario Dragicevic, a freelance portrait photographer and videographer from Zagreb, presents an impressive homepage design with integrated GSAP animations. The smooth slider display and detailed pages for each work showcase the photographer’s capabilities effectively.

10. Eisenberger


Seeking inspiration for your photography project? Explore Eisenberger’s website for a noteworthy experience. Harald Eisenberger, an international photographer specializing in people, food, hotel, home, commercial object, and book productions, presents a simple yet captivating homepage design showcasing featured works. GSAP subtly animates web elements, and the stunning menu employs line icons with a white background, incorporating a cool hover effect. Thumbnails represent categories, enhancing accessibility to the displayed photos.

11. Prezemek Szuba

Prezemek Szuba

Establish a robust web presence for your photography business by drawing inspiration from remarkable websites. Prezemek Szuba offers conceptual and documentative commercial product photography services. The website boasts a unique, creative, and intuitive design with grandeur GSAP animations. Ample stunning photos are displayed for each project, featuring a homepage with grid-highlighted photos and a captivating split-screen layout.

12. Christopher Ireland

Christopher Ireland

Explore photography websites that warrant your time, including Christopher Ireland’s outstanding portfolio. An exceptional photographer with a clean and simple homepage design, Ireland adopts a split-screen layout distinguishing between photography and film categories. Hovering over film reveals video content, while photography showcases a static version. Each category boasts captivating pages with photos and videos displayed in grids, offering users the option to filter content.

13. Dean Bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw

A remarkable website serves as a prime advertising tool for photography businesses. Dean Bradshaw, an advertising photographer and director based in Los Angeles, showcases a homepage with a display of images against a dark blue background. GSAP animations enhance the overall appeal, and featured projects impress with captivating thumbnails. Social media links strategically placed contribute to brand awareness.

14. Julian Abrams

Julian Abrams

Julian Abrams, a London-based photographer specializing in interiors and architecture, strikes a balance between creativity and commerce. The website’s simple yet appealing design features large, quality photos on the homepage, adding charm with clean and thin typography. The split-screen layout and horizontal scrolling contribute to a classy and appealing design.

15. Elena Iv-skaya

Elena Iv-skaya

Unlock the potential of your photography business with a strong web presence. Elena Iv-Skaya, a former model turned photographer, presents a homepage with a unique, modern, and out-of-the-box design. GSAP-powered animations, including smooth sliders, hover effects, and transitions, create an impressive visual experience. Ample white space complements the captivating content.

16. Jonathan Glynn Smith

Jonathan Glynn Smith

Jonathan Glynn Smith’s website offers a simple yet alluring web design inspiration. Renowned for spearheading advertising campaigns, books, and exhibitions, Smith’s homepage features a fullscreen layout highlighting featured works. Grayscale presentation adds elegance, and easy category access is provided through the off-canvas menu.

17. Thierry Ambraise

Theirry Ambraise

Digital marketing impacts every business, and photographers can showcase their works effortlessly through websites like Thierry Ambraise’s. An art director and photographer, Ambraise’s website embraces GSAP animations, offering timeless and awe-inspiring displays. A cool slider in the off-canvas menu enhances the overall design, providing easy access to content.

18. Flavio & Frank

Flavio & Frank

Every photographer needs a portfolio, and Flavio & Frank’s website, respecting technique but starting from emotions, provides a captivating showcase. GSAP integration ensures smooth movements, and the horizontal scroll with a smooth slider enhances content display, allowing users to browse the gallery with ease.

19. Cassandra Ladru

Cassandra Ladru

Cassandra Ladru, a journalistic-style wedding and lifestyle photographer, exhibits grandeur works on her homepage in a full-width design. The masonry layout in the gallery enhances the visual appeal, presenting projects in an adorable and elegant manner. Users can browse content by category, exploring the photographer’s features and capabilities.

In conclusion, these photography websites serve as a wellspring of inspiration for both established photographers and those looking to enter the market. Elevate your business with a compelling online presence, seamless navigation, and visually stunning designs that leave a lasting impact on potential clients.

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