26 Best NGO Website Templates For 2024

Amid the 4th industrial revolution, where connectivity is paramount, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government-funded charities play a pivotal role in spreading kindness among the less fortunate. In this digital age, establishing a professional online presence is crucial for these organizations to broaden their impact. However, not all NGO website templates are created equal. This article presents a curated list of professional charity website templates, ensuring a reliable, authoritative, and trustworthy representation on the web.

Charitas – A Marvelous Choice for Non-Profit Organizations

Charitas - NPO website template

Charitas, an HTML 5 and CSS 3 template, crafted by an elite Themeforest author, is a marvel for non-profit organizations. With 100% valid code, this responsive template ensures compatibility across multiple browsers and devices. Its fully customizable nature allows adjustments to every aspect, including color and layout. Boasting 12 HTML and 11 PSD files, a parallax background, and a Flex slide, Charitas is a versatile and developer-friendly template.

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Charity Foundation – A Solid Foundation for NGO Success

Charity Foundation - Charity Website Template

Developed by the same author as Charitas, Charity Foundation shares a similar appearance but excels in speed, boasting more than 300+ sales with positive reviews. This template features a premium slider and is built on Foundation Zurb 6.4.3, incorporating XY Grids, SASS, and Gulp. Its parallax background adds depth and sophistication to your NGO website.

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Charity Home – Feature-Rich and User-Friendly

Charity Home - Fundraising Website Template

Charity Home emerges as a feature-rich NGO website template, designed to present your organization professionally. With three homepage variations, a donation countdown, beautiful transition effects, and a working PHP/Ajax contact form, Charity Home is image-focused and beginner-friendly, catering to both professional developers and novices alike.

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Charitify – Simplicity with Elegance for Donations

Charitify - donation website template

For those seeking a high-resolution template with a minimal interface, Charitify is an excellent choice for charity, non-profit, and fundraising organizations. Though not overloaded with features, its professional user interface speaks volumes. With two unique homepages, 15+ HTML pages, a sticky header, and a responsive Lightbox Plugin, Charitify is easy to customize for creating a simple yet impactful website.

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ChariteMax – Mobilizing Support for Nonprofit Causes

Charitemax - non profit orgazition website theme

ChariteMax, designed for nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and fundraising websites, is tailored for mobile and tablet users. Offering five creative homepages, a parallax effect, and a working ajax form, this template focuses on responsiveness and mobile-centric design. With HTML, CSS, and the latest Bootstrap, ChariteMax ensures a contemporary and engaging website for your cause.

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Pawrex – Tailored for Pet Adaption NGOs

Pawrex - pet adaption ngo website template

Pawrex deviates from the standard NGO website templates, catering specifically to Pet Vet Animal Clinics, Animal Shelters (NPOs), Pet Groomers, Pet Sitters, and Pet Adoption websites. Featuring four remarkable homepages, 76+ HTML pages, RTL and revolution sliders, a feed calculator, and e-commerce support, Pawrex is ideal for veterinary-related services. Its inclusion of a page for vet doctors and services enhances its suitability for pet-focused organizations.

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Impathy – Simplicity with Impact

Impathy - non profit website template

Impathy stands out as a simple yet impactful charity website template. With essential features like a sticky menubar, detailed about us section, project pages, and a contact page, this template ensures a clean and attractive appearance. Based on Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS, Impathy guarantees compatibility across all devices and browsers. Key features include two unique homepages, a donation countdown, parallax effect, and a working PHP/ajax form.

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Astha – A Complete Solution for Charitable Trusts

Astha - charitable trust website template

Astha emerges as a comprehensive HTML theme tailored for charity websites. Built with Bootstrap 4, HTML5, and CSS3, it combines attractive designs with numerous features. This template boasts two creative homepages, 26+ HTML pages, a shop page, three blog styles, Owl-Carousel and slick slider, Ajax Contact Form, quick view product, and promises lifetime updates.

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Kausid – A Grid-Style Layout for Impactful NGOs

Kausid - website template for ngo

Kausid adopts a grid-style layout complemented by custom illustrations, making it cool and unique. With features like multiple homepages, header variations, about us sections, video embedding, an awesome slider, and more, Kausid stands out. Key features include four homepage variations, two header styles, a donation countdown, parallax effect, smooth animation, and thorough documentation.

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NGOO – Clean and Minimal for Maximum Impact

Ngoo - minimal charity and nonfrofit organization website template

NGOO, another creation from an elite Themeforest author, is a clean and minimal HTML template suitable for fundraising, donation, volunteer, charity, and non-profit websites. Compatible with the latest bootstrap version, this mind-blowing template ensures the best user experience. Notable features include both multipage and single-page templates, four creatively crafted homepages, multiple blog page variations, Revolution slider, and mobile optimization.

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Incles – A Flat and Minimal Approach to Non-Profit Websites

Incles - charity foundation html website template

Incles adopts a flat, simple, and minimal HTML template for non-profit websites. With features like google font integration, cross-browser compatibility, SEO-friendly valid code, and responsiveness for smartphones, Incles offers a well-documented and user-friendly experience. Key features encompass four innovative homepages, five header styles, a donation countdown, smooth animation, parallax effect, and a working ajax contact form.

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Welfare – A Stylish and Intuitive Free Bootstrap Template

welfare free charity and ngo website template

Welfare, a free bootstrap template for charity, fundraisers, and non-profit organizations, provides a stylish and intuitive look. Developed by Colorlib, this responsive and multipage template is beginner-friendly and easy to customize. Despite being free. It offers a plethora of features, including video support, parallax effect, fun fact counters, on-scroll content load, a beautiful gallery, and a volunteer form and widget.

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Liberality Charity – Simplifying Impactful Messaging

Liberality Charity - Non-Government Organization Website Template

For those aiming for a minimal and straightforward charity website, Liberality Charity is a compelling choice. Tailored for fundraisers, donation foundations, non-profits, volunteering, and welfare institutions, its image-focused design ensures clarity of purpose. With features like Accordions, Isotop, Carousel, Retina-ready images, sliders, and embedded audio and video, Liberality Charity provides an outstanding browsing experience. Key features include 29 HTML files, a Megamenu, Bootstrap 1170 Grid, an innovative hover effect, and free support.

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Charity – Vibrant Crowdfunding Expression

Charity - Crowdfunding website template

Charity presents a colorful and responsive template suitable for crafting a Non-Profit, Charity Website. Known for its flexibility and ease of customization, this theme boasts a predefined library for Charity & Crowdfunding, facilitating the development of a professional and unique website. Key features include being based on Bootstrap 4, Recaptcha integration, multiple blog and event sections, shop pages, and a working contact form.

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Khidmat Charity – A Product of Extensive Research

Khidmat Charity - Fundraising & donation website template

Khidmat Charity emerges from extensive research on charity and non-profit website layouts. Built to be fully functional and effective, this responsive template prioritizes user experience. With three homepage variations, three header styles, Revolution slider, unlimited color options, an included RTL version, SEO-friendly and clean code, and Google Map integration. Khidmat Charity offers versatility and reliability for your projects.

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Charitab – Responsive NGO HTML for Quick Development

Charitab - Responsive ngo html website template

Charitab, a NonProfit HTML template, comes with a predefined library for Charity and Crowdfunding, enabling swift website creation without developer assistance. Built with Bootstrap 4, it ensures 100% responsiveness and mobile-friendliness. Notable features include 31+ HTML files, 5 index multipage demos, Revolution slider, Menuzord, Responsive Megamenu, and awesome shortcodes.

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Trust – Innovative Child Care & Orphan NGO Template

Trust - Child Care & Orphan NGO Website Template

Trust is a well-documented, innovative, and feature-rich HTML template for a charity website. Based on Bootstrap, it includes exclusive pages like causes, gallery, and event pages, along with various blog layouts. With four innovative homepage variations, 17+ HTML pages, four blog styles, slick slider, Bicon, Isotope, owl carousel, dynamic contact form, and Magnific popup, Trust offers premium features at a regular price.

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Shelter – Multipurpose Foundation Template

shelter - Multipurpose charity & NGO website template

Shelter stands as a simple and minimal foundation website template based on Bootstrap 4. Compatible with all major devices, it includes features like testimonials, campaign creation systems, and a call to action, providing a comprehensive solution for an NGO website. Additionally, the author offers a 30% discount at Themeforest, making it an attractive option for those on a budget. Key features include five built-in crafted homepages, Revolution slider, fast loading speed, and color choices with a flexible grid.

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Diverse Choices for Impactful Websites: More NGO Website Templates

In the vast array of NGO website templates, each offering unique features and designs, here are additional templates that cater to different causes, ensuring a professional and impactful online presence.

Humanity – Advocating Social Causes Online

Humanity - Social organization website template

Humanity stands out as a splendid NGO website template, catering specifically to governmental social program websites, donation platforms, and fundraising initiatives. This 100% responsive template is designed with smartphone users in mind, ensuring accessibility across devices. Humanity boasts an extensive feature set, including support for multilanguage, 20+ HTML files, 20+ page examples, Slider Revolution, fluid responsiveness, high resolution, parallax effect, and appealing blog pages.

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Generous – Catching Attention for a Cause

Generous - Ngo donate website template

Generous, crafted by an elite Themeforest author, is a bold and eye-catching foundation website template. This 100% responsive template, compatible with the latest Bootstrap versions, offers both full-width and boxed layout options, providing flexibility for different projects. Key features include a choice between boxed and full-width versions, 16 HTML pages, donation, gallery, and event pages, as well as user-friendly and fast-loading attributes.

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Charityo – Grid-Based Volunteer Template

Charityo - volunteer website template

Charityo adopts a grid-based layout, enhancing the effectiveness of campaign promotion. Built on Bootstrap 4, HTML5, and CSS3, this template offers various page styles and multiple home styles, making it ideal for managing multiple projects. With five different homepages, two footer styles, smart navigation, and SEO-friendly code. Charityo simplifies the development of charity websites for freelancers handling numerous projects.

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Getfund – Simplistic Elegance for NGO Websites

Getfund - Html template for ngo website

GetFund presents a simple and clean HTML template for non-profit websites, NGOs, governmental social programs, and donation and fundraising initiatives. With a lifetime free update and 100% responsiveness. GetFund is built with HTML5 & CSS3, offering features like a sticky menubar, Google Fonts, cross-browser compatibility, and more. The key features include five unique homepages, a shop page, three blog layouts, and a donate page.

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ReliFund – Minimalistic Health NGO Template

ReliFund - health ngo website template

ReliFund is hailed as one of the best minimal and eye-catching HTML templates for charity in this list. With a professional layout and outstanding features. This well-documented and beginner-friendly template allows for easy customization. Key features include four unique homepages, five menu variations, 11+ HTML pages, 70+ web elements, and Google Fonts integration.

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Sakhi – Empowering NGOs with Responsive Design

Sakhi - NGO website theme

Sakhi, based on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5, provides a predefined library and elements for Charity and Crowdfunding. This super-responsive template ensures suitability for all devices and browsers, with W3C validated coding and an SEO-friendly layout. Key features include high resolution and stunning profiles, creative inner pages, event countdown, and Slider Revolution.

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Hernando – Elite Design for NGO Initiatives

Hernando - professional ngo website template

Developed by an elite author on ThemeForest, Hernando is tailored for NGOs, donations, governmental social programs, and fundraising websites. SEO-friendly and built with clean code using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JS framework. Hernando offers a flexible layout for seamless project management. Key features include four different homepages, Slider Revolution, multiple layouts, awesome blog pages, and a working ajax form.

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Wrapping Up

Each of these NGO website templates brings professionalism, minimalism, and perfection to the creation of authoritative charity websites. As you embark on your journey to establish an impactful online presence, consider sharing this comprehensive list of charity website templates with others to amplify the positive change these organizations are striving to make.

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